Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Intro and Here We Go ..

So here we go .. on a quest to track down 101 insecurities we either experience or observe every day. 

Sorry, I realize that comes off a little scientific, but seeing as how I'm a Microbiologist (a scientist of tiny things like bacteria, viruses, parasites and other yucky things), I'm going to be doing that a lot ..

First, let me start off by explaining why I feel like this [understanding insecurity] is important, because lets face it, why would I bother writing this & why would anyone bother reading this if no one thought it was important - well how I see it is that no matter how happy you are or how amazing you think your life is, you will always have at least one problem .. an insecurity or something you wish you could change about yourself. 

Insecurities cause problems in every aspect of your life: your relationship with family/friends/loved ones, your work/school/team environment, during your free time/vacation/workout/class/hobbies - EVERYTHING!  

Insecurities are like these smart little viruses [fun science lesson to reference real life - yay], they infect you in small numbers, they aren't living and breathing, they can't grow or multiply without your help, they need to get inside your cells, take over the way they normally function, hijack their mechanics, and force you to produce more until they take over .. BAMMM .. just like insecurities do to us every day.

In order to get to #101 we must first start with the first little viral particle, free floating all around us .. just waiting for a nice juicy host and guess what .. pretty much every single person on the planet is a prime candidate for our first little bugger:

Insecurity #1: "Am I ever going to be good enough?"

Don't lie and pretend like you never said this to yourself.  Never?  Not once? Yea, that's what I thought .. but don't worry because your not alone.  Everyone has a time in their life (or multiples of times) where you suffer from 'Compare yourself to everyone else syndrome.'  The ONLY way something can be determined as 'not good enough' is when it is compared to something else which fulfills some list of criteria better than the other does .. but what we forget when suffering from this particular syndrome is that everyone comes with their own individual criteria for being 'good enough.'  Everyone is unique and good at different things, and all skills are important in some aspect of life.  

Everyone can't be good at everything, that's an impossibility, however we try anyway.  Aren't we just setting ourselves up for a let down then?  And just like a viral infected cell, we switch from 'Compare yourself to everyone else syndrome' to 'Competing against myself syndrome."  The easy solution is to just accept that we suck at some things and move on, but we all know that's not going to happen.  So here's my prescribed treatment for this particular self inflicted syndrome .. try things - try lots of different things.  Find what you enjoy because chances are that's what your going to be good at.  Try new things without fear of failure because you will never run out of new things to try.  I think what we fear the most is that "all we were is all we were meant to be," but that doesn't have to be the case.  We have lots of chances to find something we are good at, something that we enjoy doing, something that can make your life happier or better, and even something that you can turn into a career or find a person that is finally 'the one.'  No matter what aspect of your life that your inadequacy lies, remember that the next time you find yourself asking, "Am I ever going to be good enough?" - just remember that you're already good at something, which automatically makes you good enough by default .. so good job, go you!

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